WHAT IS ROOF MAINTENANCE? Roof maintenance is the list of routine tasks necessary to keep your roof watertight, and to protect the logevity of your roof. We keep it simple - we clean it, and fix the little things that cause leaks, headaches, irate tenants and, worst of all, eventually roof failure.

During a maintenance visit, we check, clean and seal each part of the roof including:

Drains, gutters, scuppers, downspouts, parapets, parapet tops, wall joints, jack & vent collars, roof penetrations, roofing field, sheet metal details, sleepers.... and more.

Because we're a maintenance company, and not a specialty contractor, we also maintain other parts of your roof that may have leaks and water damage, including:

HVAC ductwork, skylights, roof coatings, weatherproofing, exposed wood, concrete/cemebt and solar panel care - we keep it clean and green.

Whichever services you select, you'll get a report detailing the time we were there, the work that was performed in each area and details on repairs or other work that require a specialty contractor.

IT'S WHAT ROOFS NEED. What we don't do is sell you expensive repairs or new roofs. We don't do this kind of work because most roofs don't need it. Some do, if they were improperly installed, or if extensive damage occurred or alterations were made - but roofs don't just "break".

What roofs do, is epxerience normal wear and tear. Particularly in the details - all of the penetrations through the roof, at vertical transitions like parapets, at drains - where contractors can't smoothly install the regular roof membrane. Here, materials have a useful life, at best, of three to five years rather than the fifteen to twenty year useful life on a roof.

It's these details that account for the vast majority of leaks, water damage and premature aging of the roof membrane. Like changing the oil in your car, roof maintenance means checking and keeping the problem areas fresh and sealed.

MAINTENANCE MEANS SAVINGS - Like any asset, a piece of machinery, your car - your roof is only going to perform and last if you take care of it. Routine maintenance reduces annual costs by reducing the need for expensive repairs, eliminating expensive leak calls, and ancillary damage to walls, carpets, ceiling tiles and tenant property - most importantly by prolonging the life of your roofs. Start your program today.

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